Time To Detoxify

The ice and snow are on the way out and spring is almost upon us. Spring is when most of us come out of hibernation, get more active and start trying to lose the fat stores that kept us warm over the winter. Did you know that bears hibernating over winter often lose up to half of their total body mass by burning fat? Bodies like to burn fat because there is a lot of fuel in fat, almost two and a half times more (2.4 x) than in protein or carbohydrates. So why don't we lose our fat stores as easily as bears do? Wouldn't you settle for losing 20-40 pounds, just by sleeping?

The biggest reason we don't burn fat easily is because we are full of toxins, and our bodies store toxins in fat. Our bodies do not want to burn "toxic fat" because the toxins would be re-released into the body. To explain this further, the fat burning cycle is initiated by the hormone glucagon, which is released when we eat protein. Three main things inhibit the production of glucagon. The first is excess Cortisol, released due to stress. The second is excess estrogen. (Even guys produce or have excess estrogen in their bodies, obtained through food, tap water or other sources in the environment.) The third inhibitor is toxic overload within the body. So, when toxins stress our bodies, our bodies do not burn fat. Our resourceful bodies have stored toxins in fat so that they can't harm us, and will not start burning fat as long as our bodies continue to be stressed with toxins. To make matters worse, when our fat stores are full of toxins, we develop even more fat stores to take care of our newly acquired toxins. No wonder losing fat is so difficult!

Now, what to do? First, avoid toxins whenever you can. Do things like eating clean food. (Organic is best.) Drink pure water. (Add a pinch of Celtic sea salt to your purified water so that it can become more like natural water that comes complete from nature with trace minerals.) Second, detoxify your body. Since detoxification can be done on so many levels, I won't go into all methods at this time but here are some basics.

Detoxifying on a cellular level with homeopathic remedies stimulates the body's natural process of elimination in order to cleanse itself of toxins. This process cleans the basement membrane between the cells and capillaries. One of the best ways to detoxify is using a combination product such as Heel's Detox Kit. Ask a wellness doctor versed in homeopathy about the best way to use this kit and other cleansing homeopathic remedies.

More intense detoxification can occur when cleaning your filtering organs, the liver and kidneys. There are lots of things out there for doing organ cleanses, such as commercial products as well as ones you put together yourself. Here are some important things to think about. Any process that involves putting your internal organs through strong or violent contractions to expel debris has the potential for causing problems. Always work with a trained healthcare professional to coach you so you can avoid major pitfalls. Your goal is to get healthier, not create havoc for your system.

When looking at your options for liver, gallbladder and kidney cleansing, keep in mind that there are two basic styles. The first style, called a flush, is popular because it takes only a short period of time to complete. A flush tends to put the organs into spasms to eject their debris, which has the potential for lodging stones in small ducts. This would be bad news! The second style consists of using herbs and supplements to slowly dissolve both calcium and cholesterol stones over time. While not as flashy, this method is much safer.

People who have completed detoxification programs generally report having more energy, weight loss, improved digestion, the ability to think clearer, and changes in their physical appearance, reflected in things such as clearer skin and shinier hair. If you are ready to start a detoxification or purification program, make an appointment at Karl Chiropractic Clinic & Wellness Center to get the assistance you need. Plan to wake up happily from your winter hibernation in a rested, completely restored and healthy body by detoxifying your body naturally!

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