Home Health Care Class

What happens in the Home Health Care Class?

After a brief introduction, Dr. Karl explains how "Pressure Point Therapy" (also known as "Trigger Point Therapy") works and demonstrates the basic skills involved in "Pressure Point Therapy." After this, participants have an opportunity to practice their newly acquired skills with a partner. Please bring a partner, such as a spouse, a friend, or a co-worker. so that you can continue to practice your newly aquired skills with your partner. (Scroll down to see pictures taken at a recent Home Health Care Class.)

"Pressure Point Therapy" is simple to use, yet often brings quick relief to many people! In the second half of the workshop, Dr. Karl teaches special stretching exercises that were designed by a Tibetan monk. They are simple, yet extremely effective! These exercises help patients maintain adjustments longer, and get better faster, while having fun. In addition, patients save both time and money on health care.

Do you have to be a patient to come to the class?

No, even if you are not currently a patient, you are invited to join us! We invite you to come into the office, meet our friendly staff, and stay to enjoy some healthy snacks with us after the class!

Do you need to register?

Yes, because of limited seating, it is essential that you register for this class. To register and for more information, please call 734-425-8220.


Dr. Karl demonstrates "Pressure Point Therapy" techniques

during a Home Health Care Class.


The second portion of the class starts with some easy and safe stretches.

It's amazing how good it feels just to stretch and breathe...

We hope you will join us! See you soon!!!