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Emotional Stress

Not to be overlooked.

Many of us think we're indestructible. However, emotions can easily overwhelm us suddenly or creep up on us over years or decades of simple living. Phobias, anxiety attacks, negative thoughts... They build up and have devastating effects on our health.

We understand. We can help.

We know all too well the stresses of daily life. We also understand how emotions can take their toll on health. There are a number of techniques and skills we can teach and share with you that will allow you to reduce this health obstruction and cope with a stressful life.

Ways to manage and reduce your stress

Reducing the emotional symptoms of stress starts with reducing the sources of stress in your life. The American Institute of Stress explains that while there are a variety of stress-reducing techniques, finding ones that work for you is important.

  • Physical activities such as running, jogging, and aerobics are a great way to physically relieve stress and tension.
  • Relaxing physical activities such as yoga or tai chi can help to work your body while relaxing your mind.
  • Mindfulness techniques such as meditation can strengthen your emotional responses to stress.
  • Reducing stress in different areas of your life, when possible, can help to lessen your exposure to chronic stressors.
  • Mobile apps may calm your mind and offer guided conversations to help you manage stress and anxiety.

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